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We are bringing hardworking, honest folks in the largest republics of the world together to create value, self reliance and success

We have a firm belief that these two countries(India and the United States) can work together to usher a new age of freedom, liberty and innovation, especially for the middle class and bring 'economic success' back into our and our families lives and communities!

The Good, Bad and Ugly!
Indian parents take education very seriously. The brightest and the sincerest make it into Engineering colleges. This ensures a large talent pool of software engineers who are honest and hardworking. We are proud of the fact that our team hires some of the most trusted individuals like many IT firms of India. Unfortunately there is also a sad side to this story, those students who do not make it to these colleges, on rare occassions end up working in dubious organizations that usually have little to do with high-end technical engineering services and rather are in-bound/out-bound call centres that engage in fraud. These few bad eggs are causing tremendous harm to India's reputation. If you have any first hand good or bad experience - please share that with us. We would be grateful. ( This is a mere attempt to learn about experiences, please note that we are not actively doing anything to report such criminals to the authorities atleast not at the moment! )

If you are a Business Owner in the States, we would love for you to share your experience while using software/business applications and also features and functionality that you wish that this software had!

Building Business Applications that Get Your Mojo Workin'


Sits on top of your existing IT systems

  • Easily migrate from costly software over to BabyERP or simply build on top of what you have!

  • Set-up features on the fly - simply by running a search as you do in Google

  • Transparent and Low Cost Billing based on pay per click/use

  • Scale anytime, anywhere

  • Integrate with your favorite business software like Xero, Quickbooks, Zoho, Hubspot, Odoo, Docusign, Mailchimp etc

Alert! Warning! Breakthroughs at Breakneck speed

One innovation everyday is equal to 365 innovations each year!

With Idea hunters Module you never miss storing, sharing and growing your ideas. Idea hunter app lets you develop business plans based on your ideas and monetise them.

Focus on your business, not your business apps

Stop hustling and focus on scaling using the best practices and utilities we have to offer for your various teams like sales, innovation, development, delivery, production, outsourcing, warehousing, attendance, payroll, customer service, notifications.
You can continue to use existing infrastructure and simply integrate whatever you feel is missing or is causing in-efficiency. The best thing about this solution is that it is easy to configure and setup with simple user interface.
Our team is there to help - contact now for info on the kind and level of tech support you can expect

Add some Spice and Fun to your daily grind!

From having happy customers, to happy employees it is all about timing, TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
Sharing real time updates and having a snapshot of your domian available at your and their finger tips, to make well informed decisions and officially have them signed-off/approved, and Keep pushing forward !