Does your IT team understand your Business goals?

If Not, YOu need to switch to us now!

We work closely with our clients to integrate, design and develop business applications for them. We work on front end UI/UX/Apps as well as tackle backend ERP systems simultaneously for rapid release of feature sets. Our focus is on automating processes and save costs for our clients by leveraging their existing legacy systems (or replacing them, where needed) and building custom IT and IOT solutions to achieve desired business goals.

Our outsourced team is based out of India (ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS - 27001:2013 certified) and has been delivering outstanding results for American businesses since 2010. We welcome you to check our track record and reviews on Upwork, a popular online destination for CIOs who regularly engage us on contract.


As in, Keep It Simple Stupid!

If it would be about kissing your bride we would totally understand all the mystery, drama, pomp and show, what we are focused on here instead, is your day-to-day business ops.

By keeping things simple we avoid mistakes, we avoid high training costs to learn complex workflows and ultimately achieve a lot more output for less.


When it comes to engineering, it is all about making choices that optimise ROI . To Integrating off-the-shelf products or go for customisation? Multi-tenancy vs micro-services vs virtualisation?

Our mantra for success for developing complex projects that scale rapidly, it is by picking the paths that allows us to stay the most agile.


Humans might not be best let's say, for routine jobs, we are 'lazy' and 'naughty'. To manage such human short-comings, we use our experience and expertise to replace such interventions with software build on open source technologies and relatively low cost IOT devices.

Which means, us humans can get back to doing what we do best: stay foolish, break a few rules and Unleash Enterprise!


Insonix has been working in the area of Information Technology Outsourcing since 2010. Our outsourced operations have been designed to respect the best practices, systems and traditions of the USA. Our dedicated offshore centre in India is ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS - 27001:2013 certified.

Our plan is to continue working to deepen ties between entrepreneurs of both countries. We have experienced first hand, the tremendous benefits that result from such cross-functional teams as long as they communicate directly and with honesty. During these challenging times, we at Insonix are working harder than ever to train and develop teams that keep it up!

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