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In these times of technological disruption, be proactive and seek consulting from experts who can unravel complexity and unlock the untapped potential within your IT landscape. At Insonix, we specialize in breaking down complex scenarios into manageable pieces and prioritizing them into actionable items. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology solutions with your existing modules, we empower you to scale rapidly and harness your true potential of technology. Embrace this transformative journey and propel your business forward with our support. 

We encourage you to review our past initiatives to get a sense of how we can contribute to your mission!

*we prefer catering to niche businesses that serve local communities admist the onslought of highly organized multinational corporations, we want to empower traditional businesses with technology solutions and innovations that are typically locked out for them. We do this through aggressive pricing and client centric engagement models

Typical Engagment Ranges from 6 to 15 months

The variation is caused by number of departments that need to be included in current software development lifecycle, no. of integrations with 3rd party software, setting up migration of data etc. Get Started

1. Assessment: 1 to 4 weeks 

2. Setting up and Architecting: 2 to 8 weeks 

Engineering team 

Technology and Data Assets

No Code Low Code Development


In-House or Out-Source


3. Generating Rapid Value: 4 to 16 weeks

Day to Day Project Management - Daily Scrum

Environments and Continous Deployment

QA and Testing


Sprint Retrospective

Version Control

4. Agile Development: 2 to 8 months

Focus Group / Live User Testing


Removing slack and Code Refactoring

Improvements and Enhancements

5. Advanced: 2 to 8 months

Build Operate and Transfer

Continous Development - New Phase

IOT - New features

AI/ML - Prompts, chats and focus on further ease of user

Virtual Reality - Resource Hungry Services for bigger budget initiatives

Removing Departmental Boundaries Through Cross-disciplinary Expertise 

1. Customer Relationship Management Implementation

Scott Van Kerkhove (CEO, Energywise Solutions), consistently strives to streamline operations and deliver added value to both customers and suppliers. Scott actively seeks ways to optimize processes and enhance the overall business experience. This proactive approach aligns perfectly with our agency's commitment to driving operational efficiency and maximizing value for our clients. More

2. Business Process Automation

Automation of repetitive and manual tasks can significantly improve operational efficiency. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools or custom software solutions can be implemented to automate tasks such as data entry, report generation, and workflow management, allowing employees to focus on more strategic activities.

Zoho CRM

HubSpot CRM

SalesForce CRM

SendGrid Mail

Zapier API integration

3. Cloud Computing Services

With the increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions, businesses require assistance in migrating to the cloud, managing cloud infrastructure, and optimizing cloud environments. Services like cloud consulting, cloud architecture design, migration planning, and cloud security are in demand.

Legal Publish

4. Website and E-commerce Development

Developing a professional website or upgrading an existing one is a common digital transformation initiative. This includes creating a responsive and user-friendly design, integrating e-commerce capabilities, optimizing for search engines (SEO), and implementing analytics to track user behavior.

Moqui Ecommerce and POS(Difoo)

5. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Leveraging data analytics and business intelligence tools can provide valuable insights into business performance and trends. Implementing solutions like data visualization dashboards, reporting tools, and data mining techniques can aid in making data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency, and identifying growth opportunities.

Sentinel VRM telematics

6. Enterprise Software Development

Companies often require custom software solutions to address their unique business needs. Services that offer enterprise software development, including ERP software, CRM systems, supply chain management, and workflow automation, are in demand to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

Martin and BabyERP

7. DevOps and Agile Development

DevOps and Agile Development: With the focus on faster and more efficient software delivery, DevOps and Agile development methodologies are in demand. IT services that assist in implementing DevOps practices, continuous integration and deployment, and agile project management are sought after by businesses looking to improve their development processes.


8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies is gaining prominence across industries. IT services that offer AI and ML solutions, such as natural language processing, predictive analytics, chatbots, and recommendation engines, are sought after for automation, data analysis, and enhancing customer experiences.



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Graeme Taylor - COO, Impresa MRO
Mary Hanawalt - Freelance Video Grapher and GPS expert
Farad Khan - Project Manager 


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