without breaking the bank

We have constantly received 5 star reviews for past 10 years on  "Upwork", our favorite online platform!

We love opensource technologies along with many popular proptietery software. We choose to keep costs down, You got to understand that cheap does not have to be crap. Infact the best things are usually free in this world...

Are You Keen On Performance & Quality?

If you are then we love working for product owners like you. We understand that every minute that you have to spend with your IT teams, is that much less time you are devoting to your core business.

Our teams bring with them exceptional experience and a sharp focus on your current business problems while also simultaneously evaluating the basic root causes from technology point of view. This differentiates us from others as we are able to deliver effective solutions in a short time while also steering the project to tackle long term implications. We then keep building these solutions into your product in the subsequent sprint cycles. 

We do not loose sight of the business goals which is common mistake made by many engineering firms. We mould the technology to solve the actual business problems/innovations you seek and not the other way around. This is the reason, all our major clients have been with us for years together and they keep coming back to us for their next big challenge.

It is our engineering team that is at the core of our strength. We have maintained the same crew at the helm which has grown in experience and skill. They have mentored an awesome team of software engineers who have excelled at an individual level and have stepped beyond and into the sphere of offering technology solutions by understanding the actual business scenarios that our clients face as a collective group, like an elite special forces unit. 

Through our experience and rigorous internal testing we are able to release quality software with the features that enable users to realize true value that your products and services offer without blowing a hole in your budget. 

We continue to seek the next big challenge that will stretch us and help us continue to improve with the same zeal like the one we had on the day we started. It is time you  Share your requirements and discover a better way of building software!



Measurable outcomes and deliverables for your users is what we are gunning for. By choosing INSONIX as your preferred Vendor you are reducing your risks greatly and staying away from these poor experiences during implementation


Apache Ofbiz, babyERP, Odoo, Moqui and custom



Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce and custom



QM plus and Custom



Ofbiz, Magento, Shopify and custom


Industry 4.0

IOT, thingworx, Windchill, Thingsboard, Aras Innovator and custom


Asset Mgmt

Aras Impresa and Custom


Block Chain

Ethereum, hyperledger and Solana


API Dev 



Kafka, Zapier, Mulesoft, WSO2 and custom


Server Side Coding

Java, python, C#, node and others


have some fun! 

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Client Side Dev

JavaFX, android, IOS and others


Front End Dev

JS frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, ionic, react native, HTML and CSS


DB and Migration

oracle, postgres, sql, mysql, mongoDB, plsql, sqlserver



documents, facial, object, behaviour from IP cam, raspberry or others



red5, gitsy, FMS, conferencing, webrtc


QA and Testing

manual, test scripts, automation, selenium, appium


Release and Deploy

docker, aws, azure


Project Mgmt

jira, trello, redmine and others



architecture, design UI/UX, Project Management



Share Requirements With Confidence

You can expect a team assigned to you in less than 24 hours once we get a brief from you. Thank you in advance for sharing information with us, you can be assured that we fully understand that the IP is yours.
You can review our standard NDA template or share what your legal team has come up with - Thanks! 




Extended due Diligence Process

If your project is a major undertaking or if you are still not convinced - we encourage you to seek feedback from some of our enterprise customers. You can get a first hand account of our capabilities directly from them.