IT is simple!

No Training Required

Intuitive setup that scales as you go along - you start with your invoice and the moment you set that up, half of your application sets up automatically. it is so very simple that explaining it to you is probably tougher than you actually starting to use it...Given the current state of affairs, it ain't such a bad idea afterall involving your kids in your business - they can contribute more than you know, they can earn and actually learn real world stuff. Go hire your own!

No, it's not Magic. It's Engineering!

Your colleagues can focus on their core function and install a simple mobile version to update information anywhere and at any time. 

For the business Owner in mind

you manage the payroll, you sacrifice for the whole rig to keep it running and now we have built this just for you!
approve requisitions on the go and get alerts when stocks run low, monitor customers whose payments are overdue and much much more

Boutique Upgrades

No business is alike and no small business can succeed without its core team. To be able to exploit the potential of IT, it is best to be built around the people in your team and the processes that you have fine-tuned. We have a stunning record when it comes to providing service on Upwork, the world's no.1 freelance community. We are there to mould this software to your needs. Contact Us Now >